These free SATs papers are designed to help you prepare for the KS2 Maths SATs 2018. This blog post refers to Pack 1 of our free practice SATs papers.

Look out also for Pack 2 of our free KS2 maths SATs papers, and other free practice SATs papers for Year 6 Maths which we’ll be sharing later in the year.

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KS2 SATs 2018

In May 2018 your Year 6 pupils will be sitting their Key Stage 2 SATs or 2018 National Assessments. To help you to help them we’ve created 3 free SATs papers for Year 6 Maths, each of which contains the same number and type of questions as they will get during the government national assessments or KS2 SATs tests.

Whatever your views on standardised testing and attainment, the KS2 Maths SATs will be here before you know it. The last thing we should be doing is adding extra stress to the lives of our dedicated teachers or more pressure on Year 6 pupils preparing for KS2 SATs, so these free KS2 maths SATs papers (Pack 1) have been designed for you to use as best fits your pupils and your timetable.

The free practice SATs papers have been created by curriculum experts in Maths to look and feel like the real thing, and by releasing them early, you have the choice to prepare as early as you like, reducing SATs pressure in Year 6 for teachers, pupils and parents. The aim is to ensure children feel confident and prepared as ever to tackle their KS2 SATs Maths test in May 2018.

Free practice SATs papers include mark scheme and content domains

Our set of free practice SATs papers for Maths, include 1 Arithmetic and 2 Reasoning papers just like the real Year 6 SATs test. They follow the new curriculum 2016 National Assessments at Key Stage 2 and include a mark scheme to find out where your pupils need extra support. Also included are the relevant elements from the NC programme of study which can be matched through the content domain reference codes – these can be found here.

The codes show coverage of topic areas across the papers and give teachers the ability to pinpoint what each pupil can and can’t do, leading to tailored teaching and better outcomes.

Help Year 6 develop their test skills and build their confidence in an exam style environment with a set of 3 free practice Maths SATs papers

SATs practice & papers free

KS2 Maths SATs Practice Papers: Set of 3 (Pack 1)

1 Arithmetic and 2 Reasoning Papers in line with new National Curriculum Assessment, including mark scheme to find out where your pupils need extra support

Demand descriptors included in all the free practice SATs papers – reasoning and arithmetic

For both free SATs papers in reasoning each question has been categorised according to level of difficulty (Working towards expected standard; Working at expected standard; Working at greater depth within expected standard) and guidance has been given on mark thresholds providing a more accurate assessment of your pupils.

The free SATs arithmetic paper is also progressive and allows teachers to diagnose precursor knowledge (questions towards the front of the paper); if misconceptions exists here, these will have an impact on later concepts.

Adapt lessons according to Year 6 pupils’ needs pre KS2 SATs 2018

The free practice SATs papers are perfect to use when assessing for gaps as well as to check progress or retention in Maths.  They can be used at the beginning of the year as a baseline and provide a formative assessment to check areas of need so to inform future planning.

They could also be used at any time of the year to check progress, retention or to consolidate learning. The variety of questions in the Reasoning papers also allows teachers to assess the types of questions pupils may be struggling at and so adapt lessons accordingly.

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How to use the free practice SATs papers to prepare for KS2 SATs 2018

If the objective is to obtain a picture of how your students may perform in the final Year 6 SATs tests, then the test should be administered in accordance with the 2018 KS2 SATs Maths papers, allowing 30 minutes for the Arithmetic paper and 40 minutes for each Reasoning paper 2 and 3. However, if you are using the tests for gap analysis, then the time limit could be altered to ensure that all pupils complete the papers.

Here’s the link to the  free KS2 Maths SATs papers for your Year 6 again.

Take away the stress of national assessments

You know your pupils best – from their favourite lunchtime treat right down to their existing learning gaps.

Most schools have a group of target pupils who require intensive 1-to-1 Maths support to enable them to meet their age related expectations. We provide such support to over 6000 KS2 pupils every week in their final year of primary school. Find out how we can take the stress out of SATs for you and your pupils with a personalised maths intervention catch-up. .

“In Autumn we had 49% of children on track to achieve ARE (Age related expectations). As a direct result of quality first teaching using products from Third Space and specific intervention on a 1:1 basis for a sustained period of time, tailor made to meet the needs of individual pupils up to the SATs, resulted in an outstanding shift in results. Without a doubt our 100% ARE in Year 6 was based upon the materials and skills invested by Third Space and their tutors. Many thanks Third Space” Yvonne Whaley, Deputy Headteacher, Toll Bar Primary, Doncaster.

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Wendy Liu , Maths Specialist & Consultant , London

Wendy has over 17 years' experience in primary education, from Assessment Lead to Assistant Head. She writes about her passion, Mastery pedagogy, on our blog.